Creating a new Gold Image

By default the Horizon DaaS platform comes with a max of two Gold Images, and HN provides you with one preconfigured Gold Image. Additional images can be purchased for a small monthly fee.

But you can go about getting a new Gold Image a few different ways, those ways are:

  • Request our support team to create a new Gold Image from scratch, this is useful if you are upgrading the Guest OS to a newer version

  • Clone an exisitng Gold Image, this process is detailed below

  • Convert a VDI to a Gold Image, this process is detailed below

The below tasks outline options 2 and 3 above.

In the Horizon DaaS Admin portal you can clone a Gold Image that is already sealed and in use, this is useful to control the changes when doing a mass update to the environment or when wanting to provide a different software set but keep the same base deployment.

To do this follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your Horizon DaaS Admin portal (the url should end in /admin or /horizonadmin)

Step 2. Once logged in go to 'Inventory' and then 'Images'

Step 3. On this page select the Gold Image you want to copy and then click 'Duplicate'

Step 4. Give the new image a name, it can be anything as long as it isn't the same as the existing Gold Image and then click 'SAVE'

Step 5. Go to 'Monitor' and then 'Activity' to monitor the progress of copying the Gold Image

Step 6. Once it is done cloning go to 'Inventory' and then 'Imported VMs', you should be able to see your newly cloned VM

Step 7. Power on the Gold Image by selecting the Gold Image and then clicking on 'Power on' in the 'MORE' dropdown menu, then wait for the status to go green

Step 8. Once the status goes greem check the 'Agent Status', if it shows as 'Active' then you can proceed to Step 9. Else select the Gold Image again and then click on 'Reset Agent Pairing' under the 'MORE' dropdown menu and follow the prompts. Then wait for the status to change to 'Active'

Step 9. Select the Gold Image and then in the 'MORE' dropdown menu click 'Convert to Image'

Step 10. Deselect the 'Instant Clone' option, Set the company name to the end-customers name, and then enter the Administrator username and password. Then click 'Publish'

Step 11. Go to 'Monitoring' and then 'Activity' to monitor the sealing process

Once the task completes you can now use the Gold Image to deploy new VDI, or edit a desktop assignment and redeploy VDI from an existing pool.

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