Basic Security Changes for the DaaS Portal

The Horizon DaaS portal has a few security settings that can be adjusted to limit the exposure of certain information. Along with this there are some other security recommendations that should be considered when deploying the Horizon DaaS environment for a customer.

Horizon DaaS

We recommend adjusting the below settings in the Horizon DaaS portal to limit what is seen when trying to login to the environment as well as a few other functions when connected to the VDI.

  1. In the DaaS Portal under 'General Settings' enable the 'Hide Domain Field' under the 'Domain Security Settings'. This will hide the Domain field from the user login pages.

  2. In the DaaS Portal under 'General Settings' enable the 'Cleanup credentials when tab is closed' under the 'HTML Access' section. This will cleanup the credentials from the browser when using HTML access, making it so that it won't auto log you back in based on the saved cookies when reopening the tab.

Public Access & 2FA

While the DaaS environment is publicly accessible if following the default configuration this may not suit everyone's company security policy. Our suggestions for enhancing the security of the DaaS environment are:

  • Configure 2FA in the Horizon DaaS Portal, this would enforce 2FA for both Admins and Users

  • Restrict access to the Horizon DaaS environment to whitelisted IP and/or via VPN only

We can assist with scoping up the above if needed, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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