nbn Incident Notifications

Our Maintenance and Outage Notifications system offers partners near real-time updates and automated responses for service outages from nbn™. Whenever nbn™ releases information regarding "Upcoming Maintenance" or an "Outage Notification," our system promptly processes the data and alerts partners about the specific services impacted. This streamlined approach ensures partners stay well-informed and can take appropriate action in a timely manner.

The Partner Portal dashboard features two dedicated panels that at a glance, provide a quick view of the number of Upcoming Maintenance events and Ongoing Outages, ensuring you stay informed about any potential impacts to your services.

For further details, simply click on either the Upcoming Maintenance or Ongoing Outage panel. This action will direct you to the Incidents page.

Alternatively, you can access the Incidents page by navigating through the menu: click on Support, followed by Incidents.


Incidents are categorized into two types: Maintenance and Outages.

Each incident is composed of several key components:

  1. Incident ID: This unique identifier is assigned by Hosted Network and can be used as a reference when contacting support.

  2. Title: A brief description of the Incident.

  3. Type: The category of the incident, either Maintenance or Outage.

  4. Status: The current state of the incident.

  5. Start Time: The date and time when the incident began.

  6. End Time: The date and time when the incident is scheduled to end, or when an ongoing outage has been resolved.

  7. Last Update: The most recent update was provided for the incident.

Please note that the End Time is only populated for scheduled alerts or when an ongoing outage has been completed.

To view an individual incident, click on either the Incident ID or the Title to view the incident.

An Incident

When viewing an individual incident, it is broken into four sections,

  1. Details: Provides the Incident ID, Status, if it's Planned or Unplanned, and the start and end time

  2. Description: Detailed description

  3. Affected Service: Provides a list of all services affected

  4. Incident Updates: A timeline of updates, by default only the last 5 are shown (Show All toggles all updates)

Affected Services

When a Service is affected by an Upcoming Maintenance or Ongoing Outage, a warning is displayed.

If a Service has an Ongoing Outage affecting it, all other warnings are suppressed and won't be shown until the previous Outage affecting it has been closed.

Outage Example

Upcoming Maintenance Example

Service History

At the bottom of each Service Details page, there is a new table called "Incidents". This table displays all the Maintenance and Outages that affected this service.

Email Notifications

When a Maintenance or Outage event is created, an email notification is sent to either your primary account or a designated user who has chosen to receive "Outage Notifications."

You will receive an email notification for the following events:

  1. New Maintenance or Outage creation

  2. Reminder sent 4 hours before scheduled maintenance

  3. Status updates during the incident

  4. Incident resolution or completion

Opting In/Out of email notifications

To customize your email notification preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen and select "Profile."

  1. Scroll down to the "Email Notifications" section.

  1. To opt-in for Outage Notifications, check the box next to "Receives Outage Notification"

  2. To opt-out, simply uncheck the box.

  3. Click "Proceed" at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

Adjust your notification preferences to stay informed about Maintenance and Outage events that impact your services.

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