Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)
To make understand the differences between NBN technologies, this article will run you through the high level details. For details on the technologies please see the NBN website.

Important Notes

  • Fibre to the Premise has fibre installed to each location.
  • FTTP allows up to 1000/400Mbps TC4 services however typically only 250/100Mbps are currently available due the capacity that Hosted Network has at each POI.
  • FTTP has the greatest stability, performance and latency of all NBN technologies.
  • Most NBN enabled sites can be upgraded to FTTP however this cost will vary from site to site.
    • To get a quote on upgrading a location to FTTP please speak to your Account Manager.
  • TC2 services are available up to 100/100Mbps.
  • NBN provide an NTD with all FTTP services however a standard Ethernet Router is still required.
    • Each NTD can service up to four independent NBN services
    • Services can be ordered on specific NTD Ports
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