How to login to vCloud Director

This is a basic guide on where to find your initial login details and access the vCloud Director Portal to configure and manage your VMs


The vCloud Director portal is our Self-Service VM hosting platform that allows Partners to create, manage and configure their own VMs within a pool of resources without needing to interact with Hosted Network staff.

Your details are provided to you in the Service Completion Advice when the first vCloud order is completed, you can also find them under the service configuration in our Partner Portal.

The password in the Partner Portal is not linked to the live vCloud Servers, it is purely the initial password set when the vCloud Account was provisioned. If you change the password or get support to adjust the password it WILL NOT reflect in the Partner Portal

01/02/2021 - vCloud Director platform has undergone a large update to remove the Flash interface from the platform, if you are still trying to use the URL similar to "<tenant_name>" then please see the guide below.


Step 1. Find your vCloud Director tenant URL This is a URL unique to your vCloud Director account, without this URL you may not be able to login to the vCloud Director platform. The URL should be in one of the two formats below depending on the state your account is provisioned in:

Sydney vCloud -<tenant_name>
Melbourne vCloud -<tenant_name>
Perth vCloud -<tenant_name>

You can find this under your partner portal service or within the Service Completion Advice provided by our service delivery team when your service is provisioned.

Please note that any Virtual Machines you create are NOT automatically backed up as backups are optional. If you have purchased them it is recommended you configure these as soon as possible. For more information please see Backups and Restorations.

If you have any issues accessing our partner portal or vCloud portal please contact our support team at or via phone on 1300 781 148

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