Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Horizon DaaS product.

  1. Do users have the ability to reset or reboot their VDI themselves?

    Yes! Users can reset, reboot or log off their VDI themselves via the Horizon Client. All they need to do is right click on the VDI prior to connecting to it (if its set to auto connect they just need to press 'ESC' as its loading to stop it), and then from the dropdown select the option they want. A reset/reboot of a VDI usually takes 3-4 minutes to complete.

  2. What is the difference between PCoIP and BLAST protocols?

    PCoIP, is a balanced protocol used with the Horizon Client. It provides a balance between quality and performance, and is ideal for users who may not have a high speed connection or the connection quality is spotty. BLAST, is a protocol made by VMware that provides a high-quality connection to the VDI and is ideal for users who tend to do video calls or watch videos within their VDI as it will provide much smoother results. However this protocol does consume a considerable amount of bandwidth per VDI.

  3. Can multiple users be assigned to a single VDI? Yes, you can assign multiple users to a single VDI but you may run into a few issues with the VDI when doing this. Some issues you may encounter are: - Errors that the VDI is already in an allocated state, this can occur if the first user hasn't completely logged off the VDI and a second user tries to login - Potentially run into space issues on the VDI due to the additional disk usage for the additional user profiles

  4. What types of VDI can I use with Horizon DaaS? Horizon DaaS has two groups of VDI, those are session host based and desktop based VDI. Session Host VDI are VDI deployed with the Session Host service installed, used for published applications and terminal servers with DaaS over the top. Desktop Based VDI are VDI deployed for individual user access, in either a dedicated or floating desktop allocation. If they're deployed as dedicated VDI then a user is staticly assigned to the VDI, where as a floating desktop is given to the user dynamically and once they log off it removes their profile and returns it to the pool ready for the next user.

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