Managing VDI / Hosted Desktop disk space

This article outlines some of the best practises for managing VDI / Hosted Desktop local disk space.

  1. Folder Redirection - Redirect all folders such as My Documents, Downloads, App Data etc to a network share to ensure that this data does not get saved locally. This is best practise for disaster recovery and backup as well as VDI / Hosted Desktops do not get backed up.

  2. Disable C Drive Access - To force users to save data to network shares its recommended to hide the C drive through a Group Policy

  3. Disable local cached mode for Outlook - Ensure that Outlook either runs in Online mode or has its cached files redirected to a network share.

  4. Regular Temp Files Cleaning - Ensure windows temporary are cleaned regularly, ideally on a schedule.

Additionally you should look into deploying FSLogix User Profile disks as this will resolve a lot of disk space issues that are not resolved with traditional redirected profiles.

Should none of these options be available additional storage space can be purchased. Please contact your Account Manger to discuss this option.

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