Billing Overview

A summary of how Hosted Network invoicing works.

How does billing work?

All Hosted Network services billed in advance with any usage for the prior month included on a single monthly invoice. This invoice is generated in the first few days of each month.

When ordering any new services you will be invoiced for a prorated period (if applicable) from the date of receiving the service completion advice to line your service up until the 1st of the next month.

When do services start to be charged?

All services are billed from the date indicated in the service completion advice (SCA). For example if you order a NBN connection and it’s completed on the 15th then you will be invoiced from this day and prorated to the 1st of the next month.

What if I am not using the service but it is live?

Regardless of if you are using the service, once the service has been delivered then billing commences. For example if you request additional Infrastructure as a Service resources but don't use them for a few days / weeks. You will still be invoiced from the day they have been allocated to you.

Overdue invoices and suspensions

Should your account become overdue, services will automatically be suspended 14 days after the due date of the invoice. You will receive multiple notifications prior to this happening as follows:

  • Reminder email 4 days before your invoice is due

  • First follow up email 1 day after the invoice is due

  • Second follow up at 7 days

  • Final reminder at 14 days advising that your services are scheduled for automatic suspension

Should you have issues making payment on time it is critical that you contact our accounts team so that we may work with you on a suitable plan to avoid automatic suspension.

Billing disputes

Should you have any disputes to do with your invoice you can lodge a dispute via our partner portal.

Important notes regarding billing disputes

  • Billing disputes must be submitted within 30 days of invoice generation

  • All undisputed amounts must be paid in full by the due date, failure to do so will result in service suspension.

For full terms and conditions relating to billing disputes please see our Terms and Conditions

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