Responsibility Matrix

The purpose of this responsibility matrix is to outline what Hosted Network is responsible for vs what the partner is expected to manage for the VMware Horizon DaaS product.

Hosted Network will support and maintain the underlying Storage, Networking and Compute for the DaaS platform to ensure a fast and stable environment. As well as provide support for any connectivity issues or problems related to connection to the VDI.

However it is expected that Partners suport everything above the physical layer (this includes the maintenance of storage and updates to the VDI, as well as support of the end-users). Hosted Network does not provide support for End-User applications if it is not directly related to the Horizon DaaS software.

Whilst it is expected that Partners have the capability to manage the Windows/Application layer and above we can try to provide assistance and guidance for any issues or requests, but this is provided as a best effort service.

* - Hosted Network will provide new Gold Images on request, but will not modify them beyond our standard optimization tools and the base Windows OS.

** - Hosted Network may manage the networking for a customer if a managed service has been purchased in conjunction with the DaaS service.

*** - UAG = Unified Access Gateway, this is used for secure access to DaaS.

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