Configuration of the DHCP Server

The Horizon DaaS platform does not provide a DHCP server built into the software so one needs to be provided either via the Active Directory server, or via the router used to provide public access to the environment.

Without a DHCP server the VDI will not be able to get an IP and will fail to connect to the DaaS appliances.

There are no specific requirements for the VDI when it comes to DHCP, all it requires the VDI to receive is:

  • A LAN IP Address

  • A Gateway IP Address

  • A Primary and Secondary DNS Address

Ideally the DNS should be pointed to a Active-Directory server to provide the VDI with the ability to resolve the AD Domain.

We don't recommend using a public DNS server as it can result in issues where the VDI cannot contact the Active-Directory Domain.

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