Reconnecting the Horizon Agent on a VDI

The Horizon Agent is responsible for the communication between the VDI and the DaaS Appliances, if the agent is offline then the VDI cannot be accessed and user connections may fail.

Some causes for the agent to fail are:

  • The VDI fails to get an IP from DHCP

  • The VDI cannot route to the DaaS Appliances

  • The Horizon Agent has crashed and the configuration is now inconsistent

If the status in the DaaS portal appears as 'Unknown' or 'Inactive' you should do the below to try and resolve the issue.

  1. Reboot the VDI once confirming it has the appropriate LAN IP

  2. If a reboot doesn't fix the issue select the VDI from the Desktop Assignment, and click the 'Reset agent pairing' option from the 'Agent' dropdown menu

  3. Failing both of the above raise a ticket with the support team

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