Fibre to the Building (FTTB / vDSL)
To make understand the differences between NBN technologies, this article will run you through the high level details. For details on the technologies please see the NBN website.

Configuration Recommendations

Enable SRA (Seamless Rate Adaption) on your modem.
  • SRA allows a modem to make seamless rate changes in order to avoid dropping a connection. A rate change is a common affect of cross talk from adjacent lines, as well as by other interference such as temperature changes and radio waves.
  • Enabling SRA helps reduce the service dropping out on noisy lines.

Important Notes

  • Fibre to the Basement is where NBN install fibre to the MDF and then use the buildings internal cabling to deliver NBN services.
  • FTTB uses vDSL technology which is a similar (but faster) to ADSL
    • FTTB services will require a vDSL compatible modem / router as this is NOT provided by NBN.
  • The speed of FTTB is typically higher than FTTN as the distance of cabling is less.
  • Quality of the service can be impacted by the quality of the buildings internal cabling.
  • FTTB services are connected to the MDF and will require active lines be available. If they are not then “Subsequent Installation” charges will apply to have a new line installed or activated.
    • These charges do not include the cost of internal cabling or jumpering the newly activated line to internal cabling which is the responsibility of the customer.