Tracking Data Usage
This article aims to explain how to check data usage for a Virtual Data Center hosted with Hosted Network.
Follow the below steps to access the Partner Portal and view the data usage of your IaaS environments.
Step 1. Open up your choice of Web Browser and navigate to the Partner Portal, once there login with your login credentials
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Login to the Partner Portal
Step 2. Once logged into the Partner Portal, click on the purple "Services" icon to the mid-left of the page
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Select Services
Step 3. On the next page you should be able to see a list of the Virtual Data Center within your account, from the list click on the Virtual Data Center you wish to view the data usage of
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Select the Virtual Data Centre
Step 4. To the left of the page under the "Actions" menu you should be able to see a option called "Data Usage", click on this to go to the data usage page
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Select Data Usage from the left hand menu

Explanation of Data Usage graphs

The data usage graphs include all data transmitted and received via the WAN network for all the Virtual Machines within the Virtual Data Center.

WAN Usage Overview

The first section on the page shows you a brief breakdown of the current data usage for the current month to date.
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Total current WAN usage for the current month

Monthly Breakdown

The second section displays a historical overview of the Virtual Data Center's WAN usage broken down monthly.
Both the upload and download WAN usage is displayed for each month.
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Current month vs past two months

Daily Breakdown

Daily usage is shown for the past 30 days.
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Daily Usage for the past 30 days