Creating a new Hyper-V Replication Tenant in VSPC
This page covers how to create a new Hyper-V tenant in the Veeam Service Provider Console


Partners have access to create new Hyper-V Replication Tenants via the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC) and place certain restrictions around what they can/can't replicate and how much storage they can consume.
The replication storage is bulk allocated to the Partners VSPC account, from there they can carve up the storage as needed however the storage IS NOT shared between VMware and Hyper-V replication tenants.


Before you can create a new Hyper-V Tenant in the VSPC you need to ensure you have the below:
  • Have access to your VSPC account
  • and have ordered Replication Storage - Hyper-V from our Partner Portal for your new Tenant
If you do not do the second option above you will not be able to provision your Hyper-V Replication Tenant.
The hardware plans for Hyper-V also cannot be carved up, you will need to order a new set of Replication storage for each customer to avoid one customer consuming the storage intended for another.


Follow the steps below to provision the Hyper-V replication Tenant.
Step 1. Login to your VSPC Account - LINK
Step 2. Once logged in go to the menu on the left and click on "Companies"
Step 3. Click the "+ New" button just above the table of companies
Step 4. Fill in the Company name, all the other info is optional then click "Next"
Step 5. Leave the "Company Type" as "Native" and click "Next"
Step 6. The credentials on this page will be used in the customer's Veeam deployment, specify a username and password. (Record this as it will be needed) Once done click "Next"
Step 7. Select "Cloud Replica Resources" and then click "Next"
Step 8. On the "Replica Resources" tab click "+ Add" and from the dropdown select your customers Hardware Plan then click "OK" and then "Next"
Step 9. Click "Next" until you get to Summary, you can modify other settings if you'd like but it isn't required
Step 10. Once on the Summary page click "Finish" to create the tenant and wait for the "State" to change to "Active"
Once you've finished creating the tenant you can follow this KB to set up the replication inside of Veeam VBR - LINK
If you would like to do full or partial site failover please contact our support team as additional changes are required to support this.