Managing VDI / Hosted Desktop disk space
This article outlines some of the best practises for managing VDI / Hosted Desktop local disk space.
  1. 1.
    Folder Redirection - Redirect all folders such as My Documents, Downloads, App Data etc to a network share to ensure that this data does not get saved locally. This is best practise for disaster recovery and backup as well as VDI / Hosted Desktops do not get backed up.
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    Disable C Drive Access - To force users to save data to network shares its recommended to hide the C drive through a Group Policy
  3. 3.
    Disable local cached mode for Outlook - Ensure that Outlook either runs in Online mode or has its cached files redirected to a network share.
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    Regular Temp Files Cleaning - Ensure windows temporary are cleaned regularly, ideally on a schedule.
Should none of these options be available additional storage space can be purchased. Please contact your Account Manger to discuss this option.
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